Mental illness also means mental health comprising several mental health problems that negatively impacts your behavior, emotions, mood and thoughts. There are several people with mental health problems, but they do not know what it is precisely.

The common examples of mental illness are anxiety and depression. There are other forms like OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia and the likes. The development of mental illness indicates the absence of needed help. For instance, someone who develops depression most likely did not open up to another person.

Usually, when we are at our lows, we need people to lift our moods. But, the moment we begin to crave dying in silence and keeping to ourselves rather than opening up. Then, it implies that depression is beginning to set in.

It is very easy to spot early signs of depression. The individual would prefer to wallow in their problems and solve it all by themselves, instead of involving another person. When they are queried of being alone, they deny and fight off that reality.

The same applies to anxiety. When an individual begins to worry unnecessarily, it is vital to watch out for the person. He or she is being over-anxious, and it is not good for their well-being.

Mental illness does not affect the mental health of an individual alone, it also affects their physical health because they go hand-in-hand.

People who have mental illness are not the best version of themselves. Most times, they think they are okay, but in reality, they are far from it. And the farther they push people away from them, the more they plunge deeper into their problem.

It is crucial to help people who have mental illness to seek help. There are reputable rehabs that cater for the mental health of individuals, and even though some of them might want to shy away from it, it is essential to persuade them to opt for treatment.

People commit suicide due to anxiety and depression, and this is because they had no access to help.

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